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Jelly Brown
Jelly Brown
Jelly Brown
Jelly Brown

Commonly known as Jelly Brown, an African based in South Australia, Adelaide. Jelly is an Musician Artist, He was born in Kigoma town in Tanzania and raised in Burundi before migrating to Adelaide, Australia at the age of 8 with his family. Jelly Brown started singing in a church band/choir called Songambele International Gospel Band (S.I.G.B) At a young age, and was inspired and influenced in the band/choir that sings and perform gospel music and dance through different genres. He began shaping his musical vision after realising.



He has a strong potential to hit higher heights in the music industry also realising the gift God placed within him. He officially began his music career after being noticed by the founder of KDA Records. Jelly Brown was Officially added to the Team in August. He continued to peruse in the music industry. He has managed to appear at shows including TEDDY CREAM Festival and has performed alongside artists such as H.BABA, AT, TIMOMATIC, TYRON HAPI and many more.

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23 thoughts on “Jelly Brown”

  1. Jelly Brown I love your music it’s always popping, I watch your new video over and over again the song called “Stuck 2 You” I loved it and so did my friends, you’re a hard worker and so talented in so many ways and i hope you win an Award, you deserve all the best. I will continue supporting you until you make it BIG.

  2. Wonderful music from this outstanding musician! You’re a great artist! I really admire you and everything you are doing. It is amazing all that you’re accomplishing throughout your music career. Your outreach to the community and your beautiful recordings inspire me. You’re amazing singer, I barely take my eyes off of your songs, I just love your voice and energy. I look forward to following you! Consider me you’re newest loyal fan!!??

  3. The Love And Support Is Real, I Appreciate Each And Every Single One Of Y’all that’s showing real love and support ???❤️

  4. Jelly brown, Keep up the hard work. I’m super proud of you cutie ❤️ You just getting better and better, much respect. Hope you get far and famous. You inspire people straight up and the world needs to know about you, I pray to God that it happens and all the very best with the African music award. You deserve it. You’ve definitely worked hard for it and you’re dedicated with your music. Not gonna lie, Your videos are amazing. I’m in love with them, you got talents and You’ve got my full support ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Vote Vote!! for Jelly Brown. ??

  5. My favourite Afro artist based in Adelaide SA. Keep grinding my g, The sky is the limit ?????? We behind you. Just don’t stop doing what you love doing and make us proud and take the Award home.

  6. I seriously admire Jelly Brown style of music, it’s awesome. He is very unique in his style of music. Recent release songs gives me a lot meaning and Joy, I wish him all the very best and I successful journey in the music industry. He deserve the AMA Award 2018

  7. Jelly Brown AKA Superstar ✨? You deserve this cutie it’s your time you’re working so damn hard and you’re doing well ? keep it up!

  8. You’re a celebrity and you will always be no matter your current situation. Good luck with your Award. You deserve all the best ?

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