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Mr Rhebus-Bejo

Hi guys my name is Uweza and I am new Solo artist please vote for me


17 thoughts on “Mr Rhebus-Bejo”

  1. Feeling is one of the things you can’t hide, no one can plan what he’s going to dream day after and is very hard to stop rain and all of these can happen while you do not expect.

    I love you, and thanks for your support.

  2. Vote and do not forget to comment he is new comer but strong in the game,
    Wow what amizing song is this? I can not stop my feelings vote him please

  3. Vote for really he is the best and he deserve to be the 2018 winner keep votting
    Nice voice and atractive song

  4. Vote a strong new comer artist who deserve to be 2018 winner, ???????????? he is a super star with nice voice and best melody then his songs means a lot.

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