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Slik is a Ghanaian born multi talented Artist/producer/director and engineer and owner of Taima music. He is that artist who has been a fan to many top tier artist till this day, who have shaped his understanding of music. As an enterprising young music icon, who has appeared on many musical concerts held in the country and overseas discovered his talent early in life.

Born Kwame Leh, Slik has been working hard behind the scenes in Ghana, producing and composition skills and working on collaborations. Slik has over the last few years devoted most of his time to producing and on the verge of artist management so as to make a mark on the entertainment scene and looks forward to the years ahead that will see him representing Ghana/Australia worldwide with his touch to music.

Slik has produced for artists all over the globe, and is the producer of the famous Dagaati Riddim which is hosted by Australia's finest Dj Kofi Dagaati which features artists from Australia, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, UK, Jamaica etc. and has had the privilege to work with the most amazing superstars.

He is a natural performer with good stagecraft, any time he grabs the microphone on stage, music fans see him as a real music icon whose presence will boost the image of music on the international/local music market.
Interestingly, Slik has never released an album which is way overdue but has been working tirelessly on completing one before the year ends.
Based on his outstanding achievements, that album might come sooner than we think.


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