Abiabi Richboii The Great One

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Abiabi Richboii

96 thoughts on “Abiabi Richboii The Great One”

  1. This guy has talent really, changing Words to melody isn’t easy. I am suggesting your talents to be your career. God bless blood.

  2. Richboii Abiabi Da Great One, is one of the best South Sudanese artist in Brisbane Australia. His music is very educational and he surely deserves all the acknowledgment possible. #Music_for_PEACE _LOVE_JOY_AND_UNITY

  3. In Madi of Equotorian region, You are the first artist we look up to, Not those who sings without meaning. don’t give up with your teaching the words of Peace, Joy Love and Unity God bless you bro.

  4. Bravo, you got all the talent given by God. Don’t give up.
    Thanks guys for posting his videos, now i know where to find it in youtube.

  5. Music without meaning is not music but The great one has it all in his music and for that we love and cherish his talent so much.

  6. This guy sings pure musics though most his songs are in his language. Please if you can, try more songs in national language. God bless you in your career.

  7. My favourite are goal keeper, Love always lead, Nya and aurora, Eyi kodri….
    I wish every one know the meaning of the song. Love your songs mr Richboii we are enjoying your songs all the way from UK.


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