Music artist development program

AMA Artist Development Program

AMA Artist Development Program is the process any music artists go through to develop their craft and skills necessary to build a professional career in the music industry. This means everything from voice, songwriting, image and branding, music and video production, live performance, marketing and social media. This is your starting point for success in music.

We develop upcoming artists of all age groups into professional recording artists with a long lasting and money making career in music. We help the artists to perfect their music skills, establish and grow a fan base, learn music business skills and produce the best music videos possible.

What’s in the AMA Artist Development Program?

  • Vocals, music instruments, musicianship.
  • Live performance and songwriting skills.
  • Image creation and maintenance.
  • Branding, Promotion, Marketing, Publicity and Advertising.
  • Bookings and tours locally, nationally and internationally.


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