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Eshak Awi

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Eshak Ewi

Eshak Awi is a guitarist and prolific composer with over 40 years experience in the music industry, who
has earned himself an undisputed reputation as a virtuoso of African guitar styles, in both Sudan and

Eshak delivers a profoundly emotional and dynamic
performance of his compositions that tell stories of village and
family life, love and the hardships faced in Sudan today. His
lyrics are sung in Madi, Arabic and English, in choral style, with
beautiful harmonies that complement his guitar arrangements.
His repertoire incorporates many Sudanese styles (there are
over 260 languages spoken in Sudan, and each has its own
musical style), Eastern African styles, Jazz and Funk and other
Western generic styles.

Band Members
Sean Bradey, backing vocalists Loro Emmanuel from Sudan and Maxwell Makalani from Malawi.

In 1975, Eshak started playing in a big band in Southern Sudan,
called 'Rajaf Music Band' located in Equatoria, Juba. In 1980 he
moved to the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum where he played
with several bands. During this time he also performed at
numerous locations in Western and Northern parts of Africa.
From 1993, the situation in Sudan became politically volatile
and he was forced to leave Sudan. This period was a difficult time for Eshak. He lived in Egypt for two
years, playing with Egyptian musicians and eventually managed to leave Africa and immigrate to Australia.

Eshak has collaborated with Australian musician Jane Baker (guitarist, specialising in African styles), to form a band that includes bassist, Charles Har drummer.

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