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Fabie Andrizo
Fabie Andrizo
Fabie Andrizo
Fabie Andrizo

Hey guys its your boy Fabie

For those who dont know me, My name is Fabien Andrizo I was born in Congo ??but grew up in Burundi ?? and I’m 21 years old lives somewhere in Brisbane. So if I was gonna describe my musical live- I would say music has been my day one career since I was born, I wouldn’t say I’m the best but I would put myself into people who trys to do good things & big stuff-(Caue know one is perfect?)

I am a singer, Songwriter, instrument player and also a music director. So guys help you boi Fabie just by voting and leaving your short message/comment below. Thank you


God Bless you but let em bless me more ??

Let the voting game begin ?

Team #OGK

13 thoughts on “Fabie Andrizo”

  1. Truely has a God given talent through playing instruments and singing, blesses people everywhere and inspires people.

  2. Brother god has put something in you and I pray tyou god to keep giving you that motivation and to more acknowledge to what you’ve got so far….. perfect in perfection

  3. This is my OGk talented boy u can do it keep up bro ,god has put something in you don’t give up .we are here to support each other U will succeed one day I’m holding your hands and I will never let you go .good luck my brother ???????? Congolese we will never be the same !! one love bro ❤️?❤️

  4. Ayyye Fabie I believe in you man ! ✊?You are so talented and have such gifted hands . You are blessed musically and when ever you play it brings joy and peace to my heart and soul ??? Keep it up with your music and inspiring people ? Good luck to you and bless you ❤️

    Team #OGK

  5. Truly a Blessed Artist, Very talented Person not only can he SING, but he is also a SONGWRITER, instrument player music director.
    Fabien You are a Generation changer through your Music because every word is meaningful and Powerful. I can truly see the Humbleness you Carry through your Music. May GOD take you FAR !!!! ???

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