Ezrak Balozi

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Ezrak Balozi
Ezrak Balozi
Ezrak Balozi
England, UK

Ezrak Balozi is an International up Coming Artist, Songs Writer, Sound Engineer who is Nationally known by his song by the Name of " Mask Love".
His an artist who is very energise and always lift the Audience due to his ability to do energise music that is able to move any type of audience.

Balozi Combine English AND Swahili as he aim to form a style of music called "Swahinglish. As part of His music Career, Ezrak his also a promoter and mentor who working under the non-signed Artist label by the name of "The Upendo Crew', where He encourage and help to push many other young and Up coming artist who wish to pursue a career in Music.
This is a kind of Up coming Artist who you may have to invite to you event or concert for the performance as he perform and sing just like a pro but with very little to pay.
Take a chance to see Ezrak Balozi on different social networks or you can also discover other work He does via The Upendo Crew Platforms.

2 thoughts on “Ezrak Balozi”

  1. Your Music Inspire all of us Ezrak Balozi. the songs That you write has the power to touch every human being. from Humanity to love songs, it amazing…powerful live performances that make people dance like crazy. keep up with the good work….we love u

    Weye ni Msani kabisa..nyimbo za mahana unaandika nakuimba..Real Artist…all The Best.

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