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Ajak KwaiAjak kwaiAjak KwaiAjak kwaiAjak kwai

8 thoughts on “Ajak Kwai”

  1. Ajak Kwai is an incredible performer and artist, a strong community leader and a mentor for women from all walks of life. I hope she wins an awards as she really deserves it.

  2. Ajak Is such a deserving recipient. An absolutely brilliant voice and a woman of strong social justice principles. I first met Ajak through my community development work in the police. Ajak was an important leader within our community and acted as a positive role model for our local young people. She supported a number of our community events, all of which was done on a voluntary basis. Thank you Ajak and best of luck, you deserve this!

  3. Ajak Kwai marks as a musical treasure on the fabric of our diverse African/Australian music scene, let alone our wider community, and on our socio-political landscape. Ajak is a bridge builder through music. A champion towards community cohesion for a farer, better, harmonious society. I say this as a witness via our music performance collaborations in multicultural festivals and projects spanning over 10 years. They include The Boite, Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Pier’s Festival, the Lonsdale St Greek festival, Australia day festival, Seniors festival, International women’s day, Food for thought festival. Ajak’s own performances at WoMade, LaMama, Darebin Music Festival and Fringe Festivals were an expansion of cultural awakening for many . Ajak had also been invited by NGO’s, and Arts organisations for consultation on policies. These include Australia Council of the Arts, Melbourne University Think Tank sessions, and Government Policy for the Arts. Ajak deserves this recognition. Ajak is a trail blazer. Ajak continues to Inspire through her music.

  4. I have worked with Ajak since she arrived in TAS. She has taught me a lot about the music from South Sudan. Her music is a unique blend of the traditional and more general styles. I am grateful to have been involved in some of her early recordings. Ajak’s approach to music is inspirational and comes directly from her heart. I believe her to be the right person to be nominated for the AMA.

  5. Ajak has the most amazing voice singing songs with a traditional Sudanese character. Mostly in her native Arabic but sometimes in English too …

  6. AJAK! The name says it all! Fantastic singer, beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit and voice! I had the pleasure of interviewing Ajak for a Swedish online cultural magazine last year and thus spread the word about her also to Nordic territories. Wherever Ajak goes she will be celebrated for being a true humanitarian and an artist who breathes life into her eclectic South Sudanese music with Arabic influences and who takes the audience to a whole different, spiritual level. A given winner at any event and contest!


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