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12 thoughts on “Terror-D”

  1. Can’t wait to see you bring all those awards home Terror-D! Keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re doing it well ??

  2. Go king Terror AKA black lion go make us proud thanks for taking Salone music to another level always dropping dope videos we love and proud of you mama Salone is looking forward to u we wanna hear more dope beats???

  3. He is indeed a genius when it comes to hip hop. I admire him so much because he is one of the people that are trying so hard to take Sierra Leone music to another level.All of his videos are classic, I always look forward to seeing them.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Woohoo go Terror! Terror D is a hard working dedicated and passionate artist! You got my vote all the way bro keep doing what you do best! Your tracks are crazy and I love the fact that you know where your from and your helping build your country through music which is amazing! Ticket is paid for and i cant wait to see you bring that award home going to be a great night!!

  5. You never let me down, you are always constantly with your work.you got my vote my superstar, keep doing what you are truly amazing at. Love your tracks always Daniel AKA TD❤️❤️❤️

  6. Terror D has been one of SL Hardworking musician so in this course bro u deserve my vote keep doing ur thing am always proud of you keep flying the Green White and Blue flag. you the best my nigger

  7. Terror D.. This artist just continues to excel at everything that he works on. One does not achieve this caliber of success without being determined, hard working and commited. Terror D is always there to answer the call to give his time to assist in community events and one of the first to show support, even when an event involves a “rival” artist. Terror D over the past years you have taken yourself to a higher level, collaborating with different artists including, Terror-D feat. Ice Prince (somebody)
    Terror-D feat. Timomatic (body is a must)
    Terror-D feat. Solidstar (levels)
    Terror-D feat Bracket (Na you). Terror D has certainly and deservingly earned the title of not only King of Hip Hop but King of Salone music. Terror D I salute you.

  8. Terror D a true Africa brain child that has done mental rebranding in the Sierra Leone Entertainment industry. Sierra Leone can’t wait to see you bring the awards back home,thanks to the African Music Awards Management for organising such events that will serve as motivational tool for the African Entertainment industry God Bless you.

  9. Terror D has been the most progressive AfroAus artist, in the last decade in my opinion having broken the boundaries of his home country Sierra Leone and Australia, going international and collaborating with international artist of equal caliber as Ice Prince, Bracket, Timomatic and Solidstar. But mostly importantly he has proven himself as a great solo artist from his records like Winner, Sugar amongst other hit tracks.
    Can’t wait for his new album. ?MCM 4life

  10. Un behalf of Sierra Entertainment Page, I think Terror D is King of SL so far… He has contributed tremendously to see the green white and blue flag up there… Presently he is the most rated artist in Salone when it comes to good music production and standard videos… I hope he will bring all the awards


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