Volunteer with AMA Awards 2018


Volunteering can be a very fulfilling and beneficial activity to participate in. You will be part of the great work we are doing. Volunteering can enhance your life in many ways:

Health benefits 

Volunteering can boost your self-esteem. By contributing to a great cause you will attain a sense of accomplishment. Volunteering can also give you a sense of pride, purpose and identity.

Social benefits 

Volunteering connects you with other people. By participating in activities with others it helps form social bonds. Volunteering also puts you in an environment which will encourage you to find similarities with your fellow volunteers, this will also build friendship.

Volunteering will help improve your outlook, as you are helping the community and deepening your social responsibilities. This helps you to connect with more people and opening you up to new ideas and improvements.

Work-life balance 

Volunteering gives you a chance of doing your hobbies and the things you are interested in apart from your day job or formal studies. You get the work-life balance.

Volunteering also shows that you are committed and passionate about contributing in the community. This reflects positively on you.

Skills and Leadership improvement

Volunteering helps you sharpen your skills and learn new ways of doing things. It also helps you improve your leadership skills, which will help you a long way in your career. That’s why people who volunteer are regarded as more valuable even to the employers.

Sponsored products and services for our volunteers

There are number of products and services that are available for all our volunteers. As our volunteer you have immediate access to all those service, which we usually charge money to provide to others.

Volunteer your time on any capacity. Complete the online form below to apply now:

Please email copies of your photo ID with the same name to info@africanmusicawards.com.au
If you are on Facebook connect with Jay Baba https://www.facebook.com/jaybabamedia
Please email a copy of your highest academic qualification to info@africanmusicawards.com.au
*We can recommend appropriate roles for you.
*Send a copy of your Australian National Police check record to info@africanmusicawards.com.au
*If Yes send a copy to info@africanmusicawards.com.au
*Please send copies of your ID's to info@africanmusicawards.com.au
*Full Terms and Conditions available at https://africanmusicawards.com.au/terms-conditions