How To Vote For AMA Registered Music Artist(s)

Select your favourite Artist(s) to vote for, click on the artist(s) name or image to see their AMA profile on AMA Registered Music Artists Directory (https://africanmusicawards.com.au/directory/)

Step 1: Click on the yellow STARS until they flash.

The more stars you give the artist(s) the more points they get and ranked higher on the AMA Awards Registered Music Artists Directory.  Anyone can rate any artist(s). Please note, that when voters places new ratings, the system creates new record with ID of the logged in voter, for anonymous voters – the system will remember their computers, mobile devices or phones voting history. The voters can change number of their star ratings they give any artists later.

Step 2: Leave a comment and join email list

If you wish to boost your favorite artist(s) votes faster for them to rank higher and be nominated to win the AMA Award(s), you can do so by leaving comment reviews about the artist on the comment section bellow their AMA Awards’ profile.  The judges regard the voters comments highly who have ‘joined our mailing list. Encourage your family, friends and fans to vote for the favourite artist(s). Music Artists should also comments on their own AMA profiles and try to reply to each comment. Encourage your family, friends and fans to vote for the artist.

Step 3: Watch your favourite music artist(s) videos on their AMA profile.

The views are also counted, so the more you visit your favourite artist’s AMA Awards profile the more views the artist gets, which will be an advantage for the artist it the nomination time comes.

Step 4: Share your favourite artist’s  voting link on social media.

There will be Social media buttons on the website to make this easier. You can also send the voting link via SMS or email for those who are not active on social media but they would like to vote.

Artists and fans are welcome to post their favorite artist(s) AMA Voting link on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AfricanAustraliaMusicArtsIndustry/

Any person can do all 5 voting activities for all the artist(s) as many times as you wish:

  1. Vote with the more stars
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Watch the music videos to increase views
  4. Share on social media

All the best!

How The Votes Are Counted

The voting system is a very FAIR one. As soon a an artist start getting votes, the system will start counting immediately in real time. All star ratings will be counted from 1 star rating to 5 stars. The system will automatically average the number of stars and rank the artists accordingly. The more stars and votes will automatically in real time get the artist to be ranked by the system higher that any artists who has less starts and less votes.  The system will take into account all votes be it 1 star or 5 stars. Because there are only 5 stars and unlimited votes, the system only has 5 stars to work with to give the votes scores, so it will give the average scores mathematically.

The artist could be ranking number 1 one moment, when your fellow artists competitors put more effort by sharing their voting link more that the artist and get more ratings, views and comments more than the artist, then the system will rank the artist puting more effort higher. The system does not discriminate by African country, ethnicity, language, music style or any thing. The system is just plain fair, the effort you put in is what the get out. If you get tired of sharing your voting link you will most likely loose and be ranked lower than the artists who are working harder than you.

Remember the artist(s) need you to:

  1. Vote with the more stars
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Watch the music videos to increase views
  4. Share on social media